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A Fathers Love – Megan’s Story

February 23, 2011

Being the first and only girl out of 4 kids I had my dad wrapped around my finger right away. My dad had never been to a dance recital or cheer competition, He was the hockey dad through and through. Being the second youngest, dad and never raised a daughter. So for him I was a challange he didn’t know how to totally deal with. So instead on playing dolls and dress up with me, he took me to hockey games and showed me how to work on cars. My dad would always bring me out to help even if it was just a little to cold out, he’d dress me up sit my next to the tool box and have me pass him whatever he needed.I moved away from home this year to attend college. Dad would never show it or say it but I knew as he left and told me to fill up my truck and check the oil before I can back home he was saying I love you and come back home soon. My dads never really been the one to say it  but now when he says ” Have you changed your oil” or “have you talked to your grandparents lately” or ” When are you coming home” He’s saying I love you. Thank you High Valley for recording a song that everytime I hear it I call my dad and say I love you.

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  1. Gayle permalink
    March 14, 2011 1:37 pm

    i just watched the video father’s love, you made me cry, just like my dad too, keep up the great work with fantastic songs cant wait to see one of your concerts

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